Geek Trading's Objective

Geek Trading develops financial analysis software with a strong focus on technical / quantitative analysis for proprietary use.

Using tested algorithms with different trading objectives, Geek Trading will trade on the better opportunities available within the pool of financial instruments that are analyzed.


Geek Trading uses the latest C# (C-sharp) .Net Framework technology, for high speed parallel analyses. A level 3 (3NF) normalized database is utilized to store historical data, analysis results and settings.

All algorithms, indicators and analysis "blocks" are homemade and firmly tested on both speed and reliability.

Be smarter

While a lot of trading companies are all looking at the same opportunities like arbitrage or market making, there's a whole world of stocks and other financial instruments moving all over the place. Old school arbitrage traders and market maker don't care about the direction of the underlying. Geek Trading does care (a lot) and that will give the company an edge on the market.

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